Predictive ETAs for Shipments

Supply chain efficiency depends on the timely delivery of goods for every leg of the journey. When shipments deviate from your planned timeline, reliable predictability is the key to making intelligent decisions for remediation. e2open’s Predictive ETA application provides an accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) prediction for all shipments—from simple domestic deliveries to complex, multi-leg, multi-mode international moves.

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Anticipate Arrival Times

e2open Predictive ETA goes beyond in-transit location tracking to show actual arrival times. Real-time ETAs for each leg provide detailed arrival estimates to help you proactively mitigate schedule changes and disruptions.

Act instead of react by using predictive ETAs for shipments:

  • Updates with realistic arrival times that help you understand schedule changes for shipments across all modes, legs and regions

  • Proven machine learning and artificial intelligence that create reliable ETAs based on real-time locations, carrier routes, congestion and historical lane performance

  • Configurable management-by-exception alerts and escalations for shipments that require your attention

  • Connectivity to e2open’s extensive carrier network and logistics ecosystem

  • Better management for complex and time-sensitive cargo handoffs between carriers for multi-leg and multi-modal shipments

  • Ability to leverage transportation management, trade compliance and planning systems to take remedial action

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e2open Predictive ETA

Take in-transit visibility to the next level. Understand arrival times using predictive ETAs for your shipments, and mitigate disruptions before they happen to gain a competitive edge.

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Better Data, Deeper Insight

Intelligent algorithms process data from a wide array of sources to give you the accurate, predictive ETAs you need to preemptively manage shipment timeline disruptions.

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