Supply Chain Cost Management

Brand owners require effective processes for collecting and managing cost data from manufacturing partners, item suppliers and logistics partners at the individual item and bill-of-material (BOM) levels. e2open’s Cost Management application enables multi-tier cost capture and management by providing a single view of BOMs, cost forecasting and rebate management. The result is efficient, optimized processes and lower supply chain costs.

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Single Source of Truth for Costs

Gain end-to-end support for all aspects of multi-tier supply chain cost management. e2open brings partner onboarding, cost data collection, cost forecasting, supplier allocation, rebate eligibility and reporting into one location.

Manage costs based on a single source of truth:

  • Cost and BOM data collection spanning multiple tiers

  • Unprecedented insight into cost reduction possibilities based on in-depth analyses of multi-tier cost and BOM data

  • Cost forecasting workflows for finding forward-looking opportunities to source items strategically

  • Supplier allocation workflows and associated cost-blending to help you identify the best portfolio of supplier partners

  • Rebate and volume discount management to ensure that supplier rebates and discounts are captured in timely manner

  • Improved adherence to the best negotiated costs due to BOM and cost analysis

  • Increased operational efficiency through system-enabled integration with cost sources

  • Reduced overall spend as a result of direct material procurement managers negotiating between multiple suppliers and managing risks

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e2open Cost Management

Collaborate on changes to bills of materials, related costs and forecasts. Manage rebates across suppliers and contractors for timely and ongoing supply chain cost management.

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Insight for End-to-End Supply Chain Cost Management

Manage BOMs, item costs and rebates across contract manufacturers and suppliers spanning multiple tiers. A single source of truth for costs reduces expenditures.

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