Collaborative Inventory Management

Excess inventory in multi-tier supply networks can result in high carrying costs and the risk of obsolescence. E2open’s Inventory Collaboration application provides visibility into materials at all nodes in your network, enabling contract manufacturers and suppliers to proactively manage shortages and excesses across multiple inventory management models. The result is lower safety stock requirements, carrying costs and working capital liability.

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Reduce Working Capital

E2open manages the flow of component, work-in-progress and finished goods inventory among all parties across all supply tiers. Stocking imbalances are quickly resolved via process orchestration and intelligent algorithms.

Key features facilitate network-wide performance:

  • Real-time visibility into stock held at internal and external manufacturing sites, warehouses and hubs, as well as inventory in transit between locations

  • What-if scenario planning to simulate the impact of forecast changes on inventory across multiple tiers

  • Parts shortage management to resolve material imbalances and proactively identify projected inventory exceptions

  • Collaboration capabilities between contract manufacturers and suppliers to resolve material shortage issues without brand-owner support

  • 20-30% inventory reduction as a result of right-sizing inventory at multiple tiers

  • 30-50% improvement in inventory turns due to improved visibility and agility

  • 35% reduction in the cycle times required to resolve issues

  • Reduction in network-wide inventory reconciliation times from weeks to just hours

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E2open Inventory Collaboration

Discover how you can address imbalances ahead of time, improve on-time deliveries and save money by taking control of inventory across every supply chain tier.

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Inventory Visibility and Control

Learn how you can gain inventory visibility and control across your entire network to reduce obsolescence and inventory costs.

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Establish a single, accurate picture of inventory across your entire network. Proactively manage shortages and excesses before they become costly disruptions.

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