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Book your shipments on a single platform with access to the industry’s largest ocean, air, rail and ground carrier network. Select the best rate and schedule, then book directly with selected carriers and receive an electronic confirmation before sending shipping instructions. Book faster, reduce errors and eliminate manual communications. Carriers also use the application to receive bookings from the largest network of shippers.

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One-Stop Multimode Shipment Booking

E2open’s Shipment Bookings and Instructions application is a one-stop connection to a huge network of ocean, air, rail and truck carriers. Book or tender online, then transmit shipping instructions and bills of lading.

Streamline and simplify tasks, all in one place:

  • Create a booking request from scratch from a predefined template or existing booking

  • Book or tender all shipment modes with a single connection to all your carriers and non-vessel-operating common carriers (NVOCCs)

  • Electronically transmit carrier booking requests and receive confirmations

  • Improve accuracy and compliance by using electronic shipping instructions instead of manual forms

  • Track shipments by integrating with E2open’s Global Logistics Visibility application

  • Initiate and receive bookings via a single portal for both shippers and carriers

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E2open Shipment Bookings and Instructions

Eliminate manual transactions, emails and phone calls by executing multimode shipments through a convenient, time-saving portal that increases your efficiencies.

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Smooth Travel for Sea, Air and Land

The solution to your transportation woes is here. Take the headaches out of logistics by managing your shipments across all modes and all regions on a single platform.

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