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Forecast Collaboration Software Automates Channel Forecasting and Exception Management

Сhannel Forecast Collaboration

Work with your customers and partners to better understand future demand. e2open Channel Forecast Collaboration enables your customers and partners to share their projected orders and forecasts, and collaborate with you to reach a consensus on what you can all commit to. Both you and your partners benefit from the exchange: better forecasts lead to better service, less inventory and lower costs.

Improve forecast accuracy with customer-driven collaboration

Difficulties resolving brand owner and partner discrepancies

Collaborating with more than a few customers is complex and labor-intensive

Better visibility into partners’ planned orders helps brand owners create more accurate demand plans and improve service without requiring large inventory buffers. Yet communicating essential information is often difficult. It might work with a few partners but fail to scale across large numbers. Monitoring forecasts and resolving discrepancies between brand owner and partner forecasts can be very labor-intensive and quickly overwhelm a process run by spreadsheets and email. Integrating disparate manufacturer and partner systems and harmonizing data is also another challenge.

Collaborating with more than a few customers is complex and labor-intensive

Engage all partners for better predictions

Gain the power and flexibility to efficiently collaborate across large numbers of customers. Process automation, exception management, and performance management analytics are e2open’s keys to accomplishing this at scale.

Transform collaboration

Transform collaboration

Now you can accomplish what manual processes cannot using an efficient forecast collaboration process with automated workflows.

Resolve issues proactively

Resolve issues proactively

Analytics dashboards to monitor joint KPIs and alerts for exceptions such as forecast changes and forecast-commit mismatches help you address issues quickly.

Keep plans on track

Keep plans on track

Support for the supply commitment process from brand owner to customer and dashboards to monitor joint KPIs enable you to keep your plans on track.

Easily connect with customers

Easily connect with customers

Support for rapid customer onboarding, pre-built ERP interfaces, and common data exchange standards makes it easier to connect and collaborate.

Keep information secure

Keep information secure

Secure role-based permissioning enables you to give customers appropriate levels of access to data and processes.

Reduce stockouts and inventory

Reduce stockouts and inventory

By collaborating for more accurate forecasts, you can dramatically reduce stockouts and see a drop in excess and obsolete inventory, saving time and money.

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VMware by Broadcom logo

We rebranded e2open Concierge Services as Help Desk Plus and it has become a real extension of our company. The Help Desk Plus has enabled us to meet our partners where we need them and where they need us and make it as seamless and as easy as possible for our partners to go to market for their customers.

Sarah Masessa
Global Partner Platform and Communications Manager
VMware by Broadcom
Sandvik logo

Centralizing and automating our export control processes, and particularly our trade compliance, not only reduces risk for Sandvik, but opens new opportunities to do more business worldwide.


Working with e2open enables us to better fulfill short supplier lead times, reduce inventory levels, and dramatically improve inventory turns—all while lowering the total cost of ownership to our customers.


Having visibility to the supply chain gives us and our suppliers the opportunity to plan. We talk about planning its capacity, its resources, its material—and it helps with the cost as well by having all those elements tied together.


With the e2open system, processes that used to take a whole calendar year now happen in a matter of days.

Vinny Moscatello

We know what stock we have in the channel, is it healthy, what our average days of stock are, do we ship in more or do we reduce what we are shipping? We are really in control of channel data.

Mailin Boeker

By implementing an integrated international purchasing system, we have ensured that Leggett & Platt is maximizing its efforts to conduct its international procurement activities in a compliant manner.

John Wainwright
Leggett & Platt, Inc.
Geodis logo

E2open compliance capabilities are very important for the Geodis Supply Chain Optimization compliance risk management program. The digital information is key to providing timely and accurate visibility, streamlining our compliance check processes, improving their efficiency and reliability. We’re now very well-positioned for the next wave of growth and ready to offer our customers more value than ever before.

Laurent Rosa

The vision for us is that the core activities of transportation should be running independently and smoothly without any interaction from ourselves so that we can really focus on the additional services that we offer to our customers.

Sebastian Poehl
Head of Global Business Solutions

We want to achieve world-class logistics, with teams able to leverage the best tools to overcome todays and future challenges. The benefits we are anticipating by using e2open’s TMS tool for intercontinental logistics are threefold: standardization, reduction of logistics costs, and end-to-end visibility. This should give us a competitive advantage in the market.

Dan Jianu
Logistics Operations Manager

We consider e2open global trade software as a game changer. It has enabled us to gain in efficiency, follow the evolution of trade rules timely and accurately, and exploit the necessary free trade agreements. It enhanced our overall competitiveness.

Jean-Paul Verschoor
Origin Responsible Manager
Renault Group
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The e2open capabilities through supplier collaboration have enabled Jabil to standardize and digitalize our forecast communication process for all suppliers, providing increased optionality for more efficient collaboration. This is undoubtedly providing us with a competitive advantage, ensuring we have near real time visibility into forecast status with our suppliers and helping us make more reliable commitments to our customers.

Alan Brown
Vice President of Supply Chain, Technology and Transformation
Forecast with confidence, serve better

Collaborate with customers and partners to uncover the true demand

Collaborate with customers and partners to uncover the true demand