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Ocean carriers and non-vessel-operating common carriers (NVOCCs) overcome difficulties in challenging times by harnessing the power of E2open to keep global commerce moving.

As an ocean carrier or NVOCC, your organization is essential for global commerce. Ensuring that goods are moved efficiently, safely and profitably is your responsibility. To do that successfully in today’s challenging trade environment fraught with change, leading carriers rely on E2open’s technology platform and global network capabilities.

Since the acquisition of INTTRA in 2019, E2open has continued to grow its carrier base across all modes and regions, adding to a vast ocean carrier network that is still the biggest in the industry. Today, 26% of the world’s ocean transport is booked on the E2open platform, and E2open has visibility into 44% of all containers in motion. We’re pleased to make that claim, and we want to ensure that carriers are receiving optimal value from partnering with us.

E2open’s transportation management system (TMS) is the industry standard for fast deployment and low cost of ownership. Fully integrated into the E2open platform and network ecosystems, our logistics capabilities have quickly grown to support all markets—from small domestic shippers to large enterprises with complex multimode, multi-leg routes around the world.

Efficiency and Superior Service

Partnering with you to advance your success, E2open delivers comprehensive capabilities and service offerings that provide the convenience and flexibility you need to streamline global commerce. The opportunities are transformative:

  • Growth: Expand your business by offering a broad range of complementary services and reduce the number of vendors involved in global shipment transactions.

  • Integration: Deliver more value by teaming up with a partner that meets the needs of your company and customers and provides clear integration between technology systems.

  • Convenience: Avoid the frustration of cobbling separate systems together and give your customers a one-stop solution instead.

Streamlined Trade Compliance

While the seas can sometimes be rocky, global trade during a pandemic presents another level of challenge for ocean carriers and NVOCCs. Confidently weather the storms with E2open’s suite of global trade compliance applications and receive important strategic benefits:

  • Direct cost savings: Save money by reducing manual processing costs and the heavy lifting involved in building and maintaining in-house solutions.

  • Faster processing times: Leverage advanced technology that replaces manual labor and paper documents.

  • Revenue growth: Join other industry leaders by expanding your services to retain and nurture your existing customer base.

It’s time to power full steam ahead by leveraging E2open’s full suite of applications to grow your business and keep your customers satisfied.

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