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Promises You Can Keep

Promise order dates with confidence. Maximize sales and profit opportunities with feasible allocation plans based on up-to-date inventory and capacity information. The powerful algorithms in E2open’s Allocation and Order Promising application find the best use of supply to satisfy demand priorities, taking into account commitments made to customer forecasts, allocations to strategic markets and customers, and previously made promises.

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Take an end-to-end approach to allocation and order promising.

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Comprehensive Prioritization of Demands

Ensure that the most important customers take priority by classifying and allocating demands and ranking them according to configurable rules. Promises can take into consideration internal and external sources of supply.

Powerful features yield reliable results:

  • Demand classification to establish priorities and ensure that you don’t unknowingly delay key customer or channel orders

  • Priority Manager workbench that applies prioritization rules, ranks demands and ensures that the most important orders get fulfilled on time

  • Feasible available-to-promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP) order commitments based on internal and external materials availability as well as transportation and manufacturing capacity

  • Automated order promising that is synchronized with business objectives

  • What-if scenarios for evaluating alternative prioritization strategies and selecting the best one

  • Improved customer satisfaction through reliable promising and fulfillment

  • Fast response for large new order evaluations

  • Ability to sharply reduce expediting, saving time and money

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E2open Allocation and Order Promising

Reliable order fulfillment gives you a competitive edge. Discover how to generate accurate promise dates based on current inventory and supply data from internal and partner sources.

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Commit with Confidence

Make reliable promises that reflect the latest materials and capacity availability, honor prior commitments and prioritize key demands.

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