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Agile and Efficient Response

Planning for process manufacturing is particularly challenging due to frequent capacity constraints and the need to maximize resource utilization. E2open’s Supply Planning and Response – Process Manufacturing application enables an agile response with scheduling plans that take into account shifting demand and factory bottlenecks while ensuring high utilization levels. The result is feasible and profitable plans every time.

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Learn Why Gartner Named E2open a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning Solutions 2021

E2open’s algorithmic planning leverages supplier ecosystem data for improved supply assurance.

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Comprehensive Constraint-Based Planning

E2open supports key constructs such as recipes, operations, batches, capacities, process orders and vessels. Process and discrete planning can be integrated in the same instance to support mixed-mode manufacturing.

Increase your agility and maximize efficiencies:

  • Constraint-based planning that balances conflicting objectives while optimizing capacity, materials and labor

  • Multi-enterprise visibility into materials and capacity across your extended supply network

  • Recipe Workbench that maintains recipes, showing operations, bills of materials and bills of capacity

  • Interactive planning to enable users to make on-the-fly changes to supply orders and see the impact on inventory and utilization without re-planning

  • Ability to meet customer requirements for minimum remaining shelf life with an automated process that takes into account raw materials expiration dates network-wide

  • 20-30% reduction in inventory due to more efficient materials planning

  • 1-5% higher revenues as a result of maximized demand fulfillment

  • 30-50% productivity improvement from automation and exception management

Streamline Your Planning

Develop feasible and profitable plans with visibility into your entire supply chain. Respond with agility as you manage constraints and maintain high-capacity utilization.

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