Decision-Grade Channel Data

How much do your partners sell? Are they stocking the right products? Are you overpaying incentives? Timely, accurate data can give you correct answers, but it is hard to obtain due to channel network complexity and partners’ limitations. E2open’s Channel Data Management application helps harness channel information by collecting and transforming partner data to make it ready for decision-making processes and business applications.

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Channel Management without the Guesswork

Step up to decision-grade data for improved channel management, financial performance and supply chain planning. Gain a complete picture of your channel across each tier of distribution, right down to the consumer.

Key features help you remove the guesswork:

  • The largest network of partners and the right relationships to get the data you need to make better decisions

  • Onboarding cost and time savings due to a good understanding of partner reporting capabilities and realistic expectations

  • Support for all data formats, languages and transmission mechanisms to allow partners to “come as they are”

  • Auditable data transformation and enrichment process for full transparency

  • Artificial intelligence to enrich the data so you can see below the tip of the iceberg and make better decisions

  • Easy integration with other applications to ensure that your investment in decision-grade data delivers business value

Data Sheet

E2open Channel Data Management

Improve channel performance with insight into what sells, what’s in stock and how to structure incentive payments. The industry’s largest network connects all partners worldwide.

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Case Study

High-Tech Giant Captures Large Unexpected Orders and Unplanned Demand

Discover how a major technology and services company leverages E2open Channel Data Management to identify large upside orders and free up time to focus on high-value feasibility assessments.

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Let High-Quality Data Be Your Guide

The quality of any channel program begins with the quality of the underlying data. Make confident choices with decision-grade data that is accurate, current and complete.

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