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Optimize Channel Operations

Is there enough inventory in the channel? Is there grey market activity? Which opportunities have closed? Have deal registration conditions been met? E2open’s Channel Operations Management application helps you answer questions like these with inventory reconciliation dashboards, real-time validations, opportunity tracking and workflows for deal registration. All aspects of channel operations are streamlined for maximum effectiveness.

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Support for Typical Channel Operations Scenarios

Empower operations specialists to efficiently and effectively address scenarios like inventory aging, transit time planning, product recalls, identification of fraudulent incentive claims and overstated sales.

The right capabilities drive success:

  • Track serial numbers to trace each product’s route to the market, avoid channel conflict and ensure that only genuine products are sold under your brand name

  • Issue real-time warnings or block transactions that result in stock mismatches to prevent revenue loss

  • Reduce working capital and financial provisions with an inventory reconciliation dashboard that leverages artificial intelligence

  • Register new deals in a portal that conducts real-time checks to verify that deals are not claimed by another partner

  • Request, evaluate and approve special prices for registered deals via flexible workflows

  • Match sales to opportunities with minimal human intervention, saving time and reducing the potential for errors

  • Establish reliable sales commissions by using approval workflows to resolve unmatched or disputed transactions

  • Integrate natively with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer relationship management (CRM) software for improved sales visibility and productivity

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E2open Channel Operations Management

Avoid the headaches of manual analyses, energize your operations specialists, ensure proper revenue recognition and increase channel harmony by automating and streamlining channel operations.

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Focus on Performance instead of Fixes

Increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness while preventing partner conflicts, commissions disputes, excessive working capital and revenue leaks.

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