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Accurate, Timely Sales Credits

Are you crediting partner account managers for the right sales? Are the payment amounts correct? Do your commission plans work as motivators while driving increased revenue? e2open’s Sales Performance Incentives application provides a flexible, configurable, fully auditable and transparent platform for aligning incentive plans with corporate goals. Accurate commissions are paid to the right channel representatives on time, every time.

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Orchestrate Channel Commissions Efficiently

Say good bye to spreadsheets, manual splits, awkward questions and commission payment delays. e2open provides a consistent, highly automated and error-free sales credit process that saves time and drives results.

Key features help you motivate the sales force:

  • Automated assignment of sales transactions to representatives based on parameters like product, account, location and industry

  • Flexible commission plan configurations with multiple masters and rollup, exclusion and exception rules

  • Support for discretionary adjustments to any calculated commission for faster dispute resolution

  • Proactive alerts for abnormal sales credit levels to avoid erroneous payments

  • Full audit of all assignments, calculations, changes and adjustments to reduce administrative costs

  • Individual- and team-level analytics to motivate the channel sales force

  • Unified configuration environment that aligns commissions with other incentives and overall business goals

Sales Credits that Drive Results

Eliminate manual tasks, errors and disputes from your sales credit process. Pay accurate commissions to motivate the field, drive performance and lower financial exposure.

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