Accurately Validate Invoices

Global sourcing and contract manufacturing can drive costs down, but the increased complexity and ambiguities involved in service-based pricing introduce new challenges. E2open’s Contract Compliance application provides total visibility into actual materials and process costs at all stages of manufacturing. Efficient contract management and the accurate calculation of service-based costs reduce invoicing errors and inappropriate expenses.

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Avoid Overpaying for Services Rendered

Remove the headache of matching invoiced costs to actual services delivered and contractual rates. Automated validation of supplier charges enables you to avoid overpayments.

Key features help eliminate erroneous invoices:

  • Detailed manufacturing data model to calculate payment charges based on actual work-in-process activity at partner locations

  • End-to-end validation through five-way matching among contracts, purchase orders, shipping, receipts and invoices

  • Support for tiered-component purchase pricing, specialized service contracts, foundry assembly test contracts, logistics and warehouse contracts, and retail contracts

  • Spend analytics dashboards and workflows to monitor supplier performance and collaborate effectively

  • Elimination of manual invoice reconciliation costs

  • Better supplier relationships due to reduced payment cycle times

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E2open Contract Compliance

Save time and money by leveraging automation to prevent overpayments and help ensure that contractual costs match the services delivered by manufacturing and logistics partners.

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Improve Supplier Contract Compliance

Automate services-based cost data collection and the reconciliation of fees with contracts. Avoid overpayments with accurate, timely records from each stage of production.

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