Manufacturing Work Instruction Software

Product introductions and design modifications often involve expensive production errors and delays caused by poor communication between your design groups and internal or outsourced manufacturing teams. E2open’s Manufacturing Instructions application enables you to accurately transfer manufacturing, test and quality instructions to production organizations to ensure efficient implementation for product ramp-ups and change orders.

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Error-Free from Design to Manufacturing

Improve collaboration and multiply efficiencies with the seamless exchange, maintenance and archiving of design documents, manufacturing instructions and quality test specifications.

Centralized management adds tremendous value:

  • Integrated modeling of design, manufacturing and test instructions

  • Parametric manufacturing instruction or recipe creation and reuse to prevent manufacturing errors

  • Tracking and validation of product introduction and change instructions through review and approval workflows

  • Automated identification of exceptions and system-based resolution with stakeholders within design, manufacturing and testing

  • Global data governance compliance for contract manufacturers through the E2open network

  • 25% reduction in product introduction cycle times through the rapid, seamless and accurate transfer of instructions

  • 40% increase in product engineering productivity due to the accuracy and efficiency gained by leveraging a collaborative platform

  • Ability to improve product quality and eliminate manufacturing errors by comparing build and test results to specifications

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E2open Manufacturing Instructions

Accurately communicate and route new designs and change orders across all facilities—whether internal or external, local or global—for faster cycle times.

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It’s time to eliminate communication errors. A seamless transition from design to mass manufacturing improves quality and productivity while accelerating product ramp-ups.

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