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Product Quality and Traceability Software

Producing high-quality products is crucial in every industry. Preventing defects and other quality concerns protects consumers, your brand and your margins. E2open’s Manufacturing Quality and Traceability application enables you to improve quality by gaining real-time visibility into all production steps—from design to distribution. By mitigating quality and recall risks with agility and efficiency, you can minimize costly disruptions.

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Visibility into Internal and Outsourced Production

Quality and traceability are essential for regulatory compliance. E2open helps ensure that you use only quality processes and materials for production, quickly identifying and correcting any concerns.

Track manufacturing processes with ease:

  • Single operating platform for managing start-to-finish product testing, optimizing resources and costs and improving quality control

  • End-to-end traceability and visibility across any stage of production to help you identify key process points where quality checks should occur

  • Ability to quickly and accurately identify the root causes of quality issues using real-time visibility

  • Compliance with safety, quality and performance standards through the automatic capture and storage of product testing results during the sample phase

  • Automated alerts that enable rapid corrective action by trading partners, leading to quick issue resolution with minimized impact

  • Intuitive workflows that convert purchase orders into product inspection requests

  • Easy coordination of quality inspections along with detailed record-keeping to help ensure safety and compliance prior to shipment

  • Support for remote facilities through convenient offline and mobile capabilities

Solution Brief

E2open Manufacturing Quality and Traceability for Private Label Brands and Retailers

Private label brands and retailers can easily mitigate compliance risks and safeguard product quality by collaborating with suppliers and manufacturers on a single operating platform.

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Solution Brief

E2open Manufacturing Quality and Traceability for Discrete and Process Manufacturers

Learn how you can analyze your entire end-to-end supply chain, including external manufacturers, when quality issues arise.

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Manufacturing Traceability for Today’s Supply Chain

Gain the agility and efficiency you need to fine-tune quality, minimize recall risks, limit revenue loss and reduce supply chain disruptions.

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Protect Your Brand

Gain a complete picture of the materials and processes used in internal and outsourced manufacturing. Identify quality and compliance issues and avoid costly recalls.

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