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Gain 20/20 Manufacturing Vision

E2open’s Manufacturing Visibility application removes blind spots in the global supply chain that can impact profitability. Improve the operational efficiency of your internal production and contract manufacturing by automatically monitoring key metrics and course-correcting quality, supply, service and inventory processes.

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Integrate Your Entire Production Network

E2open Manufacturing Visibility improves performance for your entire production network, enabling decision making and execution across disparate internal and/or outsourced manufacturing.

Key features provide 20/20 vision:

  • Digital representation of the end-to-end internal and external manufacturing process

  • Validated and aggregated transactional data from various product lifecycle management, manufacturing execution and quality systems

  • Automated reconciliation of inventory within the manufacturing network

  • Built-in manufacturing traceability and multi-level lot genealogies

  • Detailed monitoring of quality, test and production metrics with exception alerts

  • Configurable decision support and resolution workflows for operations, quality and finance

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E2open Manufacturing Visibility

Learn how deep insight into production can vastly improve operational efficiency for both internal and contract manufacturing.

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Cross-Functional Visibility

Sharpen your vision network-wide. Benefit from increased yields, improved customer service and reduced financial liability from excess and obsolete inventory.

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