Track and Trace for Protection

If you’re in a complex industry, you need to know the specific journey of your goods. Customers expect you to manage risks by precisely monitoring the status of products you ship and ensuring that the goods don’t expire or get damaged during delivery. E2open’s Serialization and Track & Trace application enables brand owners to serialize individual units, then track and trace their journey from start to finish.

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Visibility for Accurate Deliveries, Better Service

Visibility into each stage of a product’s journey—from production to end customer delivery—helps you quickly address delay or defect issues and delight customers by ensuring that they receive the precise product requested.

Use serialization to bring order from complexity:

  • Increase customer satisfaction by improving your fulfillment processes

  • Reduce inventory costs by minimizing duplicate orders

  • Set up flexible and robust business processes for serialized tracking

  • Orchestrate streamlined customer service and rapidly address quality issues

  • Generate shipping bar codes and documents as necessary

  • Connect to third-party logistics (3PL) providers and carriers to gain near real-time shipment visibility

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E2open Serialization Track and Trace

Improve product quality and compliance by tracking serialized finished goods and their components from manufacturing through fulfillment.

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Establish end-to-end visibility at the serial number level to delight customers. Equip your supply chain to track quality and delay risks when and where they start.

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