Holistic Logistics Visibility

The complexities of global logistics often create visibility gaps, especially when goods are on the move. Knowing about exceptions in advance speeds decision making, reducing costs and improving customer service. E2open’s Global Logistics Visibility application gives you real-time insight for proactively monitoring shipments across all modes and legs. With predictive arrival estimates and alerts, you have advance warning for remediation.

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Dun & Bradstreet Teams with E2open to Study Downstream Economic Impact of Suez Canal Delays

Ever Given’s blockage of the Suez Canal disrupted global businesses. The question is how much downstream economic damage has been done. Learn how to mitigate risks.

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True End-to-End Visibility for Enhanced Control

E2open Global Logistics Visibility shows you every shipment across all modes for each leg of the journey. You receive accurate milestone updates along with predictive arrival estimates to proactively manage disruptions.

Eliminate visibility gaps and gain critical capabilities:

  • A single platform providing real-time in-transit visibility into all shipments, start-to-finish

  • A comprehensive framework for planned, estimated and actual milestone updates

  • Reusable connectivity with partners across E2open’s extensive carrier network, providing visibility into 40% of all global trade

  • Prioritization of relevant, timely data for the most accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) according to user-configurable preferences

  • ETA predictions honed by field-proven machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Automatic alerts whenever there is a deviation from the plan

  • Intelligent analytics that enable you to continuously improve your processes

  • Ability to connect logistics visibility to planning to determine the impact of disruptions on demand, inventory and service

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E2open Global Logistics Visibility

Gain valuable insight into global shipments and immediate awareness when arrival times change to make downstream adjustments proactively.

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Take Visibility to the Next Level

Make proactive decisions by receiving predictive ETAs, geolocation notifications and alerts to exceptions on in-transit shipment milestones through a single platform.

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