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Global Logistics Visibility 

Visibility and control are powerful together, yet weak alone. Full visibility with the means to control the value chain from your unique vantage point is a vital feature of a smooth-running supply chain. E2open provides real-time in-transit visibility, collaboration and orchestration among all supply chain partners across your channel, logistics, supply and demand ecosystems—and you’re in control.

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More than Just a Control Tower

E2open’s Global Logistics Visibility application enables real-time visibility into all shipments. Measure the impact of delays, select remediation options, then take action with transportation management application integration.

Key capabilities include the following:

  • Multimode (ocean, air, rail and truck) in-transit visibility enabling proactive decision-making

  • Estimated time of arrival (ETA) predictions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Sourcing of historical performance data for stronger analyses

  • Integration with trade compliance applications to determine additional factors that might affect ETAs

  • Features that improve existing transportation forecasting and planning processes

  • Red-amber-green alerts to provide fast-response visual status indicators for goods on the move

  • Connectivity with E2open’s extensive carrier network

  • Ability to leverage transportation planning, transportation management system (TMS) and trade compliance features to effectively manage downstream activities

Shine a Light on Shipping’s Black Holes

Late is too late. E2open Global Logistics Visibility illuminates in-transit shipment’s “black holes” with ETAs for shippers and third-party logistics (3PL) providers.

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