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The 2021 E2open Forecasting and Inventory Benchmark Study

Dramatic swings in demand and supply due to Covid-19 kept companies guessing—yet some of them significantly reduced forecast error and safety stock using successful strategies for facing risk and disruption. Based on operational data encompassing over $200 billion in annual sales across various industries, E2open’s 2021 Forecasting and Inventory Benchmark Study provides insight into how firms handled the pandemic in 2020. Examine the full-length report with over 40 charts that unpack supply chain performance or the condensed executive brief with key takeaways for decision makers.

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  • E2open Trading Partner Management

E2open Trading Partner Management

May 28, 2021|

Onboarding new partners often involves a myriad of complex manual processes. Much of the communication — including critical milestones [...]

  • E2open Sales Order Collaboration Data Sheet

E2open Sales Order Collaboration

May 20, 2021|

As a brand owner conducting business-to-business selling, you routinely face complex processes involving retailers, distributors, resellers and direct sales [...]

  • E2open Recall Management

E2open Recall Management

May 20, 2021|

Defective products can result in injuries, untold financial liability and brand damage. Companies must quickly identify the affected items, [...]

  • E2open Retail Shelf Management

E2open Retail Shelf Management

May 7, 2021|

Ensuring on-shelf availability in every store is paramount for retail success. However, when launching or promoting products, it can [...]

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  • Taking the Mess Out of TMS

Taking the Mess Out of TMS

March 1, 2021|

Even in the best times, moving goods internationally can bring obstacles, complexities and headaches for every party involved. Fortunately, [...]

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  • The Power of the Network

The Power of the Network

More and more, companies are outsourcing areas of their businesses to help reduce costs and gain economies of scale. For all its [...]

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  • thumbnail

EU Trade Agreements Map

December 23, 2020|

View Infographic Trade agreements can greatly reduce costs and increase competitiveness for companies and their suppliers. However, trade [...]

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