E2open Channel Data Management acquires channel data from partners, transforms it into decision-grade data and provides downstream visibility for global manufacturers that use distributors, retailers, e-tailers and resellers to sell their products.


Harness the power of downstream data for channel execution and supply chain performance

The supply chain is awash with data, especially in consumer-oriented industries where the availability of downstream data from retailer operations, channel partners and  consumer behavior seems to grow exponentially every year. This data contains valuable information but requires a lot of effort to transform it into actionable insights. The complexity of collecting, cleansing and normalizing data limits most deployments to siloed applications within functional teams. Despite the proven benefits, few companies use downstream data to systematically improve supply chain planning decisions at the enterprise level. Instead they find themselves drowning in data, with legacy planning tools unable to use these new information streams and manual processes unable to scale.

How can customer and consumer data drive better channel execution and supply chain performance – for both functional teams and the entire enterprise? How can organizations break down barriers that prevent the systematic of use of downstream data? Getting there takes an automated data management process that is closely coupled to applications for managing on-shelf availability, promotion execution, loyalty programs, marketing incentives, revenue recognition, commissions payments, new product introduction, partner profiling and segmentation, and supply planning and inventory optimization.

E2open’s Channel Data Management solutions automate the daily collection and harmonization of data and create a single repository for use with all enterprise applications.

This provides execution visibility down to the store and warehouse level and enables organizations to proactively identify issues and quickly respond to and prevent stock-outs. Flexible analytics report information at any aggregation level allows account and partner teams to focus on individual SKUs or brands at specific retailers or channel partners, while management can measure performance across the entire category or region.

Importantly, this decision-grade data becomes a resource for core enterprise applications like demand sensing, demand planning and S&OP, enabling the systematic use of retailer and channel partner data to make better supply chain decisions.  


  • Poor quality and timeliness of data availability limit its usefulness and adoption
  • Manual processes for collecting, cleansing and normalizing valuable downstream data
  • Hard to scale – adding new retailers and channel partners is complex and costly
  • Poor visibility at store and warehouse level


  • Streamlined data management enables effective and efficient use of downstream data across the enterprise, breaking organizational silos
  • Automate the daily collection and harmonization of data and create a single repository for use with all enterprise applications
  • Fast and easy onboarding, with data cleansing, normalization and enrichment, resulting in improved supply chain decisions
  • Improved visibility to proactively identify issues and quickly respond to and prevent stock-outs
“E2open offers us the strong support we require in critical areas of Sales Visibility and Retail Execution Management processes, especially at the shelf level, to eliminate out of stocks, phantom inventory, voids and zero scans.”
 Senior Vice President, Retail
Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company
“Cleansed POS data gives us the opportunity to examine what it is that drives Tier-2 partners’ buying behavior, and it helps us make decisions.”
 Senior Vice President, Supply Chain

Capture, normalize and enrich channel data for better decisions regarding channel inventory, partner performance and sales target attainment E2open’s Channel Data Management solution automatically captures decision-grade data from an enterprise’s channel partners (resellers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, etc.), increases the usability of that data by enhancing and enriching it, and facilitates consumption of channel data by providing it back as reports, dashboards or data directly integrated into enterprise business systems. When used with E2open’s Incentives and Ecommerce solutions, enterprises can get timely and detailed data from the channel regarding marketing programs and sales performance, in a form that is easily consumable by all stakeholders, to better understand the drivers of demand and supply across the globe, across all product categories and across all end-consumer demographics, and make better data-driven decisions.

E2open’s Channel Data Management solutions lower the barrier of systematically using retailer, channel, and consumer sentiment data to improve execution and make better supply chain decisions. Standard Retailer Packs make it easy to add new channel partners and maximize return on investment.