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Protecting Brand Equity

Risk mitigation practices are both a competitive advantage and a lifeline for brand survival. E2open’s Manufacturing Quality and Traceability application enables private-label brand owners to transform the management of product inspection and testing so components and finished goods adhere to global regulatory safety requirements and brand quality standards prior to shipment. Compliance helps you minimize recalls and keep consumers safe.

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Ensure Product Safety and Quality

Define and enforce safety and quality standards with ease. Multi-enterprise integration, end-to-end traceability and collaboration tools help you lower design and production costs, improve profitability and mitigate risk.

Leverage critical compliance capabilities:

  • Manage test templates and inspection worksheets by product category and attributes

  • Manage material and product testing all on one operating platform, with offline and mobile capabilities to support remote sites

  • Utilize material tests across multiple products to lower design costs

  • Generate quality inspections directly from a purchase order line item

  • Optimize inspection resources and processes through calendaring and robust work views

  • Respond to critical and unexpected issues with real-time communication

  • Eliminate redundant data entry through integration with related applications

  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance and recalls by putting a shipment on hold if quality fails

Solution Brief

E2open Manufacturing Quality and Traceability for Private Label Brands and Retailers

Private label brands and retailers can easily mitigate compliance risks and safeguard product quality by collaborating with suppliers and manufacturers on a single operating platform.

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Multi-Enterprise Product Compliance

Protect brand equity. Improve quality, accelerate speed-to-market, lower the risk of failures, costly fines and blocked sales and reduce design and production costs.

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