S&OP for the Modern Supply Chain

Achieve consistently profitable, execution-ready plans that balance demand, supply and financial goals to facilitate consensus across internal and external stakeholders. With optional linkages to E2open’s channel, supplier and logistics partner networks, you can take sales and operations planning (S&OP) to the next level—multi-enterprise S&OP—for a modern interconnected supply chain.

Equipped for Next-Level S&OP

Learn why E2open is a leader in Sales & Operations Planning

IDC examined the S&OP market and evaluated vendor solutions based on their strategies and capabilities. E2open is positioned in the leader’s quadrant as the only vendor that is top three with respect to vendor ranking and market share.

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Consistently Profitable, Execution-Ready Plans

E2open S&OP transforms traditional planning by enabling all stakeholders to collaboratively manage the S&OP process, create consensus demand forecasts and reconcile constrained plans with financial goals.

Key capabilities include the following:

  • Visibility and decision support for faster decision-making with greater flexibility

  • Integration with sales and financial processes for a comprehensive cross-functional process

  • Automation of data gathering and processing to shorten overall S&OP cycle times and provide convergence between planning and execution

  • Machine learning algorithms for more accurate forecasts and improved planner productivity

  • What-if scenario analyses to model revenue opportunities, volatility risks and supply alternatives

  • Multi-enterprise S&OP using E2open’s channel, supplier and logistics partner networks for more accurate plans

Learn Why Gartner Named E2open a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning Solutions 2021

Align demand, supply and financial goals to maximize the end-to-end performance of your entire supply chain.

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Data Sheet

E2open Sales and Operations Planning

Explore the S&OP application designed for today’s modern supply chain to achieve optimal, consensus-driven plans aligned with your organization’s financial goals.

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Case Study

Boeing 787: Global Supply Chain Management Takes Flight

The Exostar Supply Chain Management Solution, powered by E2open, allows Boeing and its partners to collaborate and manage inventory consumption across the multiple tiers involved in the manufacturing process.

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Orchestrate Optimal Plans

Modernize your supply chain with profitable plans aligned with financial goals. Be equipped to take S&OP to the next level, wherever you are in your supply chain journey.

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