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Consumer demand insight is everywhere, but tapping into it is not easy given the number of sources, standards diversity and rapidly changing data. E2open’s Demand Signal Management application delivers timely, accurate and ready-to-use consumer demand data to direct your retail actions. Retailers’ sales and inventory records are included, as well as promotions data, loyalty records, demographics, and weather and sentiment information.

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Comprehensive Retail Performance Insights

E2open automatically captures data from a wide variety of sources across your retail channel, cleanses it, then applies rules and algorithms to harmonize and enrich it. You simply act on the insights.

Tap into demand for better decision-making:

  • Add new data sources quickly according to user-configurable business rules and algorithms

  • Harmonize data across multiple retailers for a complete picture of performance in the market

  • Customize data attributes in real time for use in standard and ad-hoc analysis reports

  • Reduce time-to-insight from days to hours through automation so you can take the right action at the right moment

  • Free resources to spend time on analysis and action instead of data acquisition

  • Help improve category and brand performance with sales visibility at both the aggregated and detailed levels

  • Reduce forecasting errors and planned safety nets by giving planning applications a rich set of data

  • Receive insight via on-demand and ad-hoc reports accessed on any device, including mobile

Data Sheet

Demand Signal Management

Discover how to gain insight for demand, supply and distribution planning and respond to market forces strategically with cleansed and harmonized demand data.

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Case Study

Consumer Packaged Goods Company Takes Customer Fill Rates to the Next Level

Integrating E2open Demand Signal Management with E2open’s Demand Sensing application brings real-time demand signals into forecasts, resulting in higher fill rates and dramatic cost savings.

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Know Consumer Demand Like Never Before

Capture, harmonize and analyze the wealth of demand data around you for better product, replenishment, promotions and pricing decisions. Automation makes it fast and easy.

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