Proactive Recall Management System

Failing to catch quality issues early in production can be costly and harmful. Contaminated or defective products could lead to huge liability risks and brand damage. e2open’s Recall Management application proactively analyzes goods for potential failures and tracks quality control throughout each stage of the supply chain. A complete record of common failure patterns and root causes helps reduce future quality-related incidents.

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Identify, Quarantine and Recall

Rapidly pinpoint and recall all defective goods before your customers notice quality issues. By quickly and effectively responding to disruptions, you can improve customer service and quality while reducing risk.

Early detection mitigates crippling brand damage:

  • Identify failure patterns by processing transactional updates from backend manufacturing execution systems to build and maintain complete material and process genealogies

  • Use highly flexible and configurable data models to simulate multiple recall scenarios

  • Orchestrate client-specific, multi-step business processes with built-in workflow functionality

  • Quickly go from data to insights via a robust reporting layer with transactional key performance indicator (KPI) metrics, cycle time reports and variance reports

  • Track manufacturing deviations, failures and other factors to preemptively identify issues

  • Greatly reduce the time needed to conduct recalls

  • Lower overall costs by responding to quality issues early and effectively

  • Mitigate brand damage—and even improve your brand—by effectively managing recalls

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e2open Recall Management

Reduce risk, improve quality and safeguard consumer safety by rapidly and efficiently analyzing goods for potential defects and removing them from the supply chain.

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Recall Management Software: Fast, Efficient, Precise.

Conduct fast, efficient and precise recalls to mitigate brand damage and protect customer relationships.

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Tightly monitor your manufacturing processes and channel for quality issues. Launch and manage recalls quickly to prevent damage to your brand and customer relationships.

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