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Plan with Confidence

Bring planning into the digital age with demand signals that reflect what’s actually happening in your supply chain—not what you hope will happen. Get the best picture of what customers will order by systematically leveraging real-time channel partner and consumer data.

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Demand Sensing

Create accurate near-term forecasts that reflect current market realities using real-time data, automation and machine learning algorithms.

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Forecast Collaboration

Increase confidence in future demand and gain visibility into what customers expect to order through collaborative planning.

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Sales Order Collaboration

Automate order-to-cash and streamline labor-intensive workflows to increase productivity and drive new efficiencies. Free up time from tedious manual reconciliations.

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Inventory Collaboration

Gain inventory visibility across all tiers of channel partners and know exactly what stock is in the channel and where for improved fulfillment and replenishment.

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Demand Sensing Intelligent Application Suite

Use real-time information to better understand what customers will order. Isn’t it time to stop planning your demand on the equivalent of paper maps?

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Demand Sensing: A Look Into the Financial Benefits

Accurate demand forecasts empower companies to make better working capital decisions, reduce unproductive inventory, improve service and increase shareholder value.

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White Paper

Forecast Accuracy: Why It Matters and How to Improve It

Understand the critical nature of forecast accuracy and how it drives key financial metrics.

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White Paper

New – The 2018 Forecasting and Inventory Benchmark Study

Compare your forecasting and inventory performance with industry leaders. Download the most comprehensive study of its kind, encompassing over $250 billion in annual sales.

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Enter the Digital Age

Real-time decisions require real-time data on demand. Know what’s actually happening with your customers and consumers—and make the best decision, every time.

Step Up to Real-Time Demand
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