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Transform Order-to-Cash

Automate the order-to-cash cycle with your customers to eliminate costly and error-prone processes and gain up-to-date visibility into potential problems. E2open’s Sales Order Collaboration application streamlines the communication of transactions between you and your customers over the entire order lifecycle. This enables you to increase productivity, proactively manage the sales order process and improve supply chain performance.

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Collaborate from Initial Order to Final Payment

A single source of truth is your foundation for effective collaboration end-to-end. With current and accurate information on orders and inventory, you can improve customer service and reduce supply chain costs.

Gain visibility and control:

  • Automated communication of orders, releases, order changes, contractual terms, vendor responses, shipments, receipts, invoices and payment status

  • Alerts for exceptions such as invoice price mismatches or date and quantity mismatches between requests and promises

  • Data connectivity that supports rapid customer onboarding, pre-built enterprise resource planning (ERP) interfaces and common data exchange standards

  • Better visibility into orders, order changes and inventory, including inventory in transit

  • Increased revenue, efficiency and customer satisfaction

  • 15-25% reduction in stockouts and fewer expedites

  • 5-10% reduction in finished goods and consignment channel inventory

  • 12-18% productivity improvement resulting from eliminating the tedious and error-prone reconciliation of spreadsheets and emails

Streamline Your Order-to-Cash Process

Collaborate with your customers to increase productivity and improve supply chain performance. Create a win-win situation for better customer service and lower costs.

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