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Channel Marketing Automation

Channel partners have limited time, resources and knowledge for generating demand. E2open’s Channel Marketing Automation application provides a full set of digital marketing tools to help your partners and sales teams attract leads and grow sales. You create content templates perfectly aligned to your brand and style. Partners use the templates to design and publish powerful campaigns using rich resources that enable successful execution.

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Automate Channel Marketing in Minutes, Not Months

With E2open Channel Marketing Automation, you can share your marketing expertise with your partners to help them drive demand and build their brands. Rapid deployment speeds up their readiness and brings results faster.

Leverage advanced capabilities for any channel program you create:

  • Configure the application to fully reflect your brand, your image and your language

  • Quickly create landing pages, emails and event materials for your partners

  • Allow your partners to personalize your campaigns to suit their approach for demand generation

  • Provide simple workflows to help your team and partners publish highly effective content in minutes

  • Equip your partners to find leads and develop the opportunity pipeline to drive more revenue

  • Access rich reporting capabilities to analyze campaign effectiveness and measure the return on your investment

  • Integrate with a range of widely adopted solutions to ensure a smooth end-to-end marketing process

Concierge Services

Let Us Empower Your Partners to Succeed

Build a more profitable channel by giving your channel partners the advice and assistance they need with concierge services from our experts via chat, phone and email.

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E2open Channel Marketing Automation

Discover how you can reach new potential customers and boost sales by using E2open Channel Marketing Automation to equip your channel partners.

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Better Together: Add Strategic Capabilities to Meet Business Needs

Solve business problems, increase efficiencies and enhance performance by combining two or more applications. Built-in integration gives you the right capabilities for meeting your objectives—quickly.

Ensure that your marketing activities are laser-focused and well resourced. Plan together with your partners for closely aligned, highly effective channel marketing execution.

E2open Channel Marketing Automation plus E2open Collaborative Business Planning

Speed up marketing execution with quick funding. Simplify partner engagement with preapproved activities. Ensure that MDF is spent wisely on content and services you endorse.

E2open Channel Marketing Automation plus E2open Partner Marketing Incentives

Expand Your Reach to Engage More Customers

Empower your partners to execute successful channel programs using compelling campaign content and simple publishing tools. Let us show you an easy way to create demand.

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