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Results-Driven MDF Programs

To fund partner marketing activities for optimal yields, you need performance data, cross-program analytics and program configuration capabilities along with workflows to monitor, control and manage the process. E2open’s Partner Marketing Incentives application combines timely partner sales data and predictive algorithms on a configurable platform that enables you to create and run effective marketing development funds (MDF) programs.

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Predictable, Optimized Channel Marketing Returns

Expect predictable returns on your channel marketing investments with informed program choices, efficient fund management and increased partner engagement. Funds are not left on the table but used to optimize results.

Key features add even more value:

  • Ability to implement global programs that respond to local markets

  • Efficient administration of multiple programs on a single platform that provides end-to-end audit trails

  • Simple forms, workflows and automated reminders to help increase partner engagement

  • Algorithms that combine proof of execution with sales data and offer program recommendations based on a predicted return on investment (ROI)

  • Role-based access and personalized communication with partners to increase the attractiveness of your brand

  • Support for accruals, discretionary funding models, and varying workflows and business processes

  • Ability to improve budgeting by avoiding funds expiration, opportunity costs and ineffective last-minute investments

  • Integration with planning, execution and payment applications for increased processing efficiency

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Partner Marketing Incentives

How effective are your marketing initiatives? Discover how you can successfully develop, budget and manage complex MDF programs on a global scale with predictable results.

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In Search Of ROI For Market Development Funds (MDF)

Receive practical guidance on how to track the right indicators to drive better results from marketing funding in this valuable report from Forrester.

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Raise the Impact of Your MDF Investments

Choose the best programs to implement, knowing what to expect. Make your money count by running your programs efficiently and effectively.

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