Relief from Painful Payments

Paying your partners often involves dealing with incorrect banking details, invoices that are hard to reconcile, missing references and time-consuming searches through spreadsheets. In short, it can be painful! e2open’s dedicated team of experts, state-of-the-art applications and flexible processes bring relief. With e2open Payment Services, you can help ensure that partner disbursements are accurate, on time and fully auditable.

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Happy Partners, Lower Costs, Less Risk

Avoid manual reconciliation, errors, delays, complaints from partners, compliance risks and increased costs. Efficient, accurate and timely payment processes save you time and strengthen partner relationships.

Payment services bring you peace of mind:

  • Process partner payments effectively in any currency—even with incomplete information—while optimizing operational costs

  • Adapt payments management to each company’s process and reporting requirements for complete transparency and seamless integration

  • Automatically update the cash position and send alerts to approvers for rejected and returned payments to avoid delays and increase partner satisfaction

  • Integrate with partner portals, incentives solutions and banking systems to reduce manual intervention, errors and delays, as well as the related costs

  • Gain visibility at the individual transaction, payment batch, partner and program level for full audit and regulatory compliance

  • Leverage security and up-to-date compliance features to help ensure that only the necessary information is stored and all sensitive data is safeguarded

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e2open Payment Services

Discover how our blend of services, software and automation helps you avoid processing delays and the potential for mistakes when making payments to your channel partners.

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Pay with Confidence

Pay your partners the correct amount on time, every time—with ease and efficiency. e2open experts have the skills, processes and technology to give you peace of mind.

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