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Invoice Audits and Payments

Studies show that bills of lading are incorrect 10% to 22% of the time. Those errors often result in overcharges when carriers are not rating a shipment according to the contract terms. E2open’s Audit and Settlement application automatically compares carrier invoices with existing contracts to instantly identify discrepancies before initiating payments. Eliminating overcharges is a money-saving opportunity shippers can’t do without.

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Don’t Overpay on Carrier Invoices

Do you have the time and resources to manually check every invoice against the contract terms to find incorrect charges? Now you can automate reconciliation with a three-way match to ensure invoice accuracy before paying.

Gain accounting accuracy with peace of mind:

  • Store and maintain all contracts and amendments as business rules that are linked to carrier rules

  • Compare each bill of lading—charge by charge—with the exact record of the amount that should have been assessed

  • Instantly identify discrepancies and quickly submit issues to carriers for resolution

  • Facilitate electronic invoice transmission, feedback and resubmission

  • Set tolerances for the amount of deviation allowed for certain rates and surcharges

  • Free up time normally spent on manual line-by-line invoice reviews

Why Give Money Away?

A deal’s a deal. Your carrier contracts are complex, and it’s cumbersome to review every invoice before payment. Save time and money by automating the process.

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