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Collaborative Manufacturing

Manage outsourced manufacturing with the same visibility and control as you have with internal operations. Ensure quality standards are met across the supply chain—including contract manufacturers and co-packers—for regulatory compliance, yield optimization and management of all quality processes.

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Manufacturing Visibility

Gain deep visibility into contracted production processes or distributed internal manufacturing to manage process yields, quality conformance and regulatory compliance.

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Contract Compliance

Eliminate the labor-intensive reconciliation of utilized services and associated invoices. Multiply efficiencies with accurate and timely payments.

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Manufacturing Instructions

Streamline the exchange and archiving of manufacturing recipes and quality notes across multiple parties. Gain unparalleled speed for product ramp-ups and issue resolution.

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Manufacturing Quality & Traceability

Trace the origin of any ingredient, product, lot or batch—along with manufacturing steps and distribution conditions—to evaluate quality issues and manage recalls.

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Collaborative Manufacturing Intelligent Application Suite 

What would it mean to your business if all quality data from your manufacturing ecosystem were automatically updated and available in one place in the cloud?

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Orchestrating Every Link: Equipped for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Supply Chain Opportunities

The new business reality requires a new approach. See how E2open’s end-to-end platform brings together planning and execution, supported by the application breadth to meet functional requirements and the depth to address challenges at any level of supply chain maturity.

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Manufacturing Quality & Traceability

Discover the best way to ensure quality conformance, track components at each production stage and automate error-prone manual processes. Watch this 1-minute video.

Case Study

Global Manufacturer Manages Disruption, Nimbly Adapting to Changes in Corporate Strategy

Learn how a major semiconductor manufacturer transitions to a primarily outsourced model, integrates a fabless chip provider acquisition and sharply reduces supplier errors.

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What if you could manage outsourced manufacturers and processes with the same visibility, quality and control as you have with internal operations? Now you can.

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