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Purchasing for the Digital Age

Manage direct sourcing and procurement for all supply tiers with unparalleled visibility, control and collaboration. E2open automates information exchange between partners to develop trust and confidence, leverage economies of scale and create more agile, responsive and efficient supply networks.

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Forecast Collaboration

Proactively align supply with demand by collaborating with suppliers ahead of time. Improve productivity and supply assurance while reducing lead times and risk.

Purchase Order Collaboration

Automate the procure-to-pay process and streamline labor-intensive workflows to increase productivity and drive new efficiencies. Say goodbye to manual reconciliation.

Inventory Collaboration

Gain multi-tier inventory visibility into materials and goods held at suppliers, and proactively manage shortages and excesses. All inventory management models are supported.

Buy-Sell Management

Gain economies of scale and enhance profitability through the centralized purchasing of materials or products on the behalf of supply partners.

Drop-Ship Management

Ship faster and reduce costs by going directly to customers, warehouses, plants, contract manufacturers or co-packers with orchestrated workflows among all parties.


Establish an audit-ready paperless workflow complete with validated, electronically signed and archived electronic invoices that are compliant in over 50 countries.

Cost Management

Collaborate on changes to bills of materials, related costs and cost forecasts. Manage rebates across suppliers and contractors for timely and ongoing cost management.


Supply Management Intelligent Application Suite

Open up a new world of possibilities. Discover endless ways to lower costs, reduce supply risks, gain agility to capture upside revenue and improve competitive advantage by being the buyer of choice. 

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Building a Digital Supply Chain

Learn how to bring supply chain efficiency and agility within reach. Three key enablers get you there at your own pace.

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Case Study

Avon Calls on E2open for Better Supply Chain Performance

Find out how Avon transformed its supply chain into a strategic tool for competitive advantage in the fast-changing, trend-driven fashion market.

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White Paper

Achieving End-to-End Visibility in Your Outsourced Supply Chain

Discover a new paradigm that can empower you to connect, collaborate and execute on real-time information to address the new reality of the multi-enterprise supply chain.

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Automate time-consuming and error-prone procurement processes to reach new levels of productivity and efficiency. Bring procurement into the digital era with E2open.

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