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Transportation Management Made Easy

Plan and execute the movement of goods anywhere in the world with the agility to respond rapidly to changes. Optimize your transportation spend in an environment of escalating costs. A single platform provides incomparable visibility for booking and shipping across all modes.

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Global Logistics Visibility

Gain control by improving your ability to track shipments in transit, monitor milestone events, accurately predict arrival times and take corrective actions if necessary.

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Transportation Forecasting

Plan transportation with the same sophistication as finished goods, incorporating promotional and seasonal sales surges by accurately forecasting your logistics needs.

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Rates and Schedules Management

Compare multimode rates and schedules to optimize your shipments. Get the complete picture with accurate contract data, preferred shipping schedules and spot rates.

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Transportation Management

Rapidly deploy a modern, easy-to-use transportation management system (TMS) for domestic and global shipping. Select carrier options and simplify tendering and payments.

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Shipment Bookings and Instructions

Book directly with carriers based on routing, service and transit times. Prepopulate booking requests with instructions and service details to simplify operations.

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Audit and Settlement

Reduce the time required for freight bill audits and save 1 to 4% of total freight spend with a smooth, automated process to ensure accuracy before paying.

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Container Management

Minimize container handling and equipment costs. Improve efficiency by eliminating empty runs and port wait times as you lower your carbon footprint.

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Transportation and Logistics Intelligent Application Suite

Centralize and standardize your transportation and logistics processes in one place.

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Solution Brief

Ocean Shipment Visibility

Don’t miss deliveries or scramble to change your shipping plans. Timely insight and critical transportation updates help you make quick decisions and keep your ocean cargo moving.

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Plan, Book, Ship, Track

Leverage the power of a logistics platform connected to a global network of carriers across all modes. Track shipments with unmatched visibility while reducing costs.

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