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Orchestrate Channel Success

Unlock the potential of all your channels and take performance to the next level. Drive and enhance revenue with a 360-degree view and the latest decision-grade data for every partner in one place in the cloud. Manage incentive programs and retail execution, optimizing partner performance.

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Partner Assessment and Enablement

Align channel composition with business objectives. Find the right partners for new markets, assess existing players and determine investments to optimize performance.

Partner Marketing Incentives

Develop markets with confidence, knowing that funds are well spent. Advanced algorithms validate program data and create fact-based return-on-investment (ROI) measures.

Collaborative Business Planning

Create joint marketing business plans with structured workflows for timelines, program details and projected outcomes while tracking ongoing performance.

Channel Data Management

Capture, normalize and enrich demand and sales data from all tiers of distribution. Make fact-based decisions on channel inventory, partner performance and replenishment.

Demand Signal Management

Automate the daily collection, cleansing and harmonization of inventory data and other retailer demand signals in a single repository to power planning and execution.

Channel Operations Management

Manage complex multi-tier operation workflows, such as deal registration and inventory reconciliation, with unprecedented visibility, control and performance.

Retail Shelf Management

Improve in-store execution and on-shelf availability for all items, including new product introductions and promotional events, to delight customers and grow sales.

Sales Performance Incentives

Efficiently manage the full lifecycle of all your sales performance plans from a single place, including loyalty and rewards programs, SPIFs and sales credit assignments.

Partner Performance Incentives

Manage all partner incentive plans, from simple rebates to complex multi-tier programs, with advanced algorithms to determine payments based on performance.

Payment Services

Simplify the payment of marketing incentive funds to channel partners through a fully-managed financial service that streamlines disbursements.


Channel Shaping Intelligent Application Suite

Unlock the potential of all your channels with a complete 360-degree view of retail, distribution and online at your fingertips — right down to the consumer.

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Channel Data Management

Harness the power of downstream data for channel execution and supply chain performance.

White Paper

Driving Channel Program Success

Five strategic principles enable marketers to use evidence-based decision-making to drive continuous increases in ROI. Download this white paper to learn how.

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Case Study

GE Gains Better Visibility
into Channel Sales

GE Automation needed to efficiently collect and use point-of-sale data from partners to operate with transparency and enable effective sales processes. Learn how the company achieved success by partnering with E2open for channel data management.

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The Time is Right!

Drive profitability by optimizing channel performance. Now is the time to gain a 360-degree view with decision-grade data on every partner in one place in the cloud.

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