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In the retail world, out-of-stocks can cost you 4% of sales. Up to 20% of promotions may go to waste. To avoid issues like these, you need excellent in-store execution. Using sophisticated artificial intelligence, E2open’s Retail Shelf Management application helps prevent stocking and promotion problems. You can easily analyze and understand any issues that occur, make informed decisions and act promptly to achieve outstanding results.

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The Right Product for the Right Shopper

Gain full insight into distribution, sales, inventory and pricing strategies throughout new item launches and promotions. Track availability and on-shelf mix for satisfied shoppers and exemplary results.

Get everything you need to collaborate and act:

  • Review intuitive reports to track and improve shelf stocking, launches, promotions performance and compliance

  • Improve margins and promotional lift with better space and staff allocations

  • Address stock availability issues with store order recommendations and other suggested actions driven by artificial intelligence

  • Identify underlying inefficiencies in your retail network composition, forecasting and store fulfillment processes

  • Manage promotional goals and responsibilities along with the dates, stores and items involved via a collaborative user interface

  • Set alerts for sales, supply chain, on-shelf availability and promotion exceptions using configurable rules

  • Choose from a variety of alert methods—including emails, flat files, dashboards and mobile notifications—so you can address issues rapidly

  • Reduce lost sales, working capital and expedited shipment costs by resolving any inventory mishaps quickly

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E2open Retail Shelf Management

Run successful promotions and new product launches. Make sure your products are available on the shelves at all times for exceptional retail execution.

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Drive Flawless Retail Execution

Track in-store inventory with accuracy. Set up, monitor and modify product launches and promotions to keep shoppers happy and achieve higher revenue and margins.

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